Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Catching up...

SO I have pretty much discovered I am as horrible at keeping up with blogging as with everything else on a computer... why can't you all just see what I write down on paper??? Anyway I'm gonna go through some of what I'm thinking.

First U have a fun little prosey piece I wrote during church one night when contemplating magnification:

" A telescope takes a planet that looks far away and uninvolved and shows us how it actually affects our daily lives. Without that planet where it is the entire solar system would spin out of whack and we would die. So it is with God. May we be the devices that show and amaze people with the closeness, hugeness, and involvement of our God. much more than a mere planet, He orchestrates our every breath and chooses to let us survive to attempt with our feeble human efforts to praise and describe a God our tiny minds, that cannot even encompass our solar system, will never be able to comprehend."

More thoughts... less glorious:

I have been presented with a very practical solution to life. It's easy... like a math equation. It makes logistical sense and has quite a but going for it. But also like that math equation it is impossible to see how far reaching the affects will be. i have been desiring within myself a seemingly very impractical life, I want to go places and do things and such with no clear path on how I would get there. I have been highly confused (add some lovely emotion... oh what fun it is to be a woman =P) and i have been praying for God to show me which path He wants me on. (As of this moment the practical solution wells up the desire for me to run screaming... not a good sign.) If you read this and want to pray for me... that would be greatly helpful!

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