Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Your words have
Now torn me to shreds
What were all those things
You said?

Precious, beautiful,
Child of the King –
Now you’re telling me
I am nothing

Now I’m left –
Just as before
Watching friends
Walk out the door

What is it –
What have I done
That made you here
Attack and run

And here I stand
What do I say
After you’ve
Acted this way?

I want to do
What’s good for me
To cut you off
To let you be

To walk away
Leave you alone
But then I try
To approach the Throne

And through a friend
God there shows me
That that’s not how
It’s supposed to be

And you’re my friend
Like it or not
And I must give
All that I’ve got

And when I’ve used
That treasure store
I must approach
Jesus for more.